Rowan’s Enve 4.5s with PowerTap G3 hubs

The Enve 4.5 is shaping up to be a great all-around wheelset, especially for guys like Rowan who will use them for timetrials and Ironman events.

PowerTap G3 hubs will help Rowan with his training and race pacing.

DT Swiss Aerolites and our lifetime guarantee against broken spokes will keep the wheels rolling for many years to come.

Daina’s PowerTap hubs and SL23 rims

Ryan’s Rail 34s with PowerTap hubs

Ian’s PowerTap hubs and SL23 wheelset

Andrews PowerTap hubs with Pacenti rims wheelset

Ray’s Rail 52 with PowerTap hubs

Ray runs coaching company QuikKiwi and wanted a pair of versatile aero wheels with a PowerTap hub.

The Rail 52 fits the bill perfectly: the ease of clincher tyres and an aero profile, but a light weight rim.

PowerTap hubs will provide Ray with all the data he needs to improve his own training.

Andrew’s PowerTap hubs and SL23 rims

Andrew wanted a pair of do-all aluminium wheels and wanted to use the PowerTap hubs for measuring power.  Even with all the crank- and pedal-based power meters on the market the PowerTap hubs still make a lot of sense – they’re light, super durable, accurate, and dependable.

The SL23 rim is perfectly suited for this type of do-all wheel: light, stiff, and durable.

Gavin laced them up with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes to keep drag and weight down, and our lifetime guarantee against broken spokes means great durability.

Lawson’s PowerTap hubs and Flite 35mm carbon clinchers

Lawson read our CyclingTips review and wanted a pair of light wheels for his Look.

He wanted to combine a light carbon fibre rim with a PowerTap hub so we used the latest PowerTap G3 front and rear hubs.  The G3 is 11 speed-ready so Lawson will be able to use it with his new bike.

Our Flite rims offer a fantastic combination of light weight and great stiffness.

We used DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes to keep the weight and aero drag down.

Black decals on the rim give a stealth look with two white spokes adding a bit of colour.  These wheels are off to Australia – thanks for your order Lawson!


Max Powertap hubs and SL23 rims

PowerTap G3 hubs are a great way of measuring power.  Crank-based and pedal-based systems certainly have some advantages but the PowerTap G3 offers a proven, accurate, and cost-effective way of adding power to you bike, especially if your wheels are a bit tired or could use an upgrade.

For Max we built up the G3 rear hub and matching PowerTap front hub as a do-all pair of wheels which are durable enough for training but light and aero enough for club racing.

The Pacenti SL23 rim will let Max run lower tyre pressure for better grip and comfort – ideal for long days in the saddle.

DT Swiss Aerolite spokes keep the wheels light and responsive.

Custom silver decals add a bit of uniqueness to the wheels.

This pair is on it’s way to Victoria Australia.  Thanks for your order, Max!

Bobs PowerTap rebuild

Bob had a PowerTap which had been unsuccessfully built into a couple of different rims however it was continually breaking spokes.  He’d heard about our lifetime guarantee against broken spokes so sent the hub down to us to be built up into a new rim.  This time he won’t have any broken spokes.

We selected a Pacenti SL23 rim.  At only 460 grams these are nice and light but they’re very stiff and have a great quality brake track.  Their 24mm width will allow Bill to run a nice low tyre pressure for good grip and traction.

Spokes are bladed DT Swiss Aerolites matched with aluminium nipples.