James’s Enve 3.4, DT 240, ELF wheelset

James’s wheelset is made up of the Enve Smart 3.4 full carbon rims, DT Swiss 240 rear hub, Alchemy ELF front hub, DT Swiss aerolite spokes with Enve internal spoke nipples. Keeping the wheelset understated with gloss black Wheelworks decals on the rim and red Wheelworks hub bands.

Out of the Office – California Dreaming

As a kid at school I must have frustrated my teachers: I was smart but I only applied myself to things I loved. I guess it was inevitable that I’d become self-employed as this way I get to craft a business around my obsessions and spend every day doing what I love.

I love my work and I’m genuinely sad to be leaving for 4 weeks despite having an awesome trip lined up. I’m leaving tomorrow to escape NZ’s winter and head to California. I’m meeting people and visiting companies who inspire me, and I’ll be learning how to build a bicycle frame by Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Paul Sadoff.

Gavin will be in the workshop (with the heater on!) and it will be business-as-usual, however our turn-around times will be higher than usual. I’ll still have access to email but will probably be slow responding, so getting in touch with Gavin will be your best bet.

Let me know if there is anything you need, otherwise I’ll be back 19th August.


ps. Gavin can be reached at gavin@wheelworks.co.nz or 04 387 3592


Roddy’s King hubs rebuilt to HED tubular rims

Grigor’s Rails with T11 hubs

Derby 27.5″ test wheels for NZ Mountain Biker magazine

Have you heard the news?  We’re now stocking and selling Derby wiiiiide rims.  This pair with red Pro2 hubs and red decals is off to NZ Mountain Biker magazine for a long term review.

Kah’s DT Swiss 240s hubs and SL23 rims

Jim’s Rail 34/52 rims with White Ind T11 hubs

Matt’s Rail 34 rims with White Ind T11 hubs

Matthew’s Rail 34, 52 – T11 wheelset.

Matthew got this wheelset built up with November Rail 34mm front and 52mm rear carbon rims, White Industries T11 hubs front and rear, DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and DT alloy spoke nipples. With the white spokes next to the valve, the red hubs and red spoke nipples on the white spokes these wheels look very classy.