Craigs bombproof Alloys

The super tough DT Swiss 585 rim laced into the bling bling Chris King hubs Using the top of the line Bladed spoke From DT Swiss, The Aerolite.

Enjoy Craig – Jesse

Dans Pacentis

The Pacenti SL23s on the DT Swiss 240 hubs all laced up using the top of the Line DT Swiss Aerolite spokes

Enjoy mate

UCI impact testing of the Maker wheels

Our Maker wheels are designed to be used on a daily basis by real riders and are guaranteed for life so it’s no surprise they easily exceeded double the UCI impact standard without failure.

We’ve done all the tests and the paperwork is filed with the UCI – the Maker 35, Maker 50mm, Maker Disc, and Maker AR wheelsets will all be approved for use in UCI events.

Honestly:  This isn’t a surprise.  We know from the bench-tests we’ve done and from the tens-of-thousands of kms of real world road (and off-road) testing that the Maker rims are incredibly durable.  If they weren’t we wouldn’t have a LIFETIME warranty on them.  Having UCI approval will mean our customers can use the Maker in competition at the highest levels of our sport.

Mike’s Classic 50mm Makers

Mikes got some fairly bloody solid riding pedigree and its great to be able to put a wheelset together for such a hitter.

The 50mm Maker rims laced up with the classic White Industry’s T11 hubset in polished silver with matching top of the Line DT Swiss Aerolite spokes also in silver

Enjoy mate – Jesse





Martines CX Wheelset

Martine came to us looking for a set of wheels that where going to be able to help her defend her National CX title.

Running a Cantilever CX bike allowed us to use the Pacenti SL23 rims laced into the Top Shelf DT Swiss 240 hubs using the Aerolite spokes rounding out to a 1430gram wheelset that will be more than capable of taking on the CX abuse as well as shifting to a beautifully stunning set of road wheels should it be needed.

Enjoy Martine – Jesse

Keir was looking for a classic looking custom wheelset that would suit his current Colnago but with the idea being the would end up on steel build at some point in the future

So we went with the White Industry’s T11 hubset in all black with Silver CNC machining, black top of the line DT Swiss Aerolite spokes on the ever smooth Pacenti SL23s

Enjoy mate.


Bens Makers

Ben came to us looking for a boomproof set of Carbon wheels so our 35mm makers fit the bill, Timing worked out perfectly as he was in Wellington over the Xmas holidays and was able to stop by and see all of the parts, build processes and some of the tooling we use that puts us head and shoulders above the rest. This set of Makers is on the DT swiss 240 hubs with the top of the Line Aerolite spokes

Enjoy mate – Jesse

Johns Chris King wheelset

With John being a big powerful lad we needed to use a very strong super durable rim that would allow him to transfer all of his power to the ground, this coming courtesy of the DT Swiss 585 rim laced into the Chris King R45 hubs using the Top of the Line DT Swiss Aerolite spokes

Enjoy John – Jesse

Ian’s T11 hubs and Maker 35 rims