Danny’s Rail 34s with T11 hubs

I think this is the first time we’ve done two different coloured spokes at the valve and I really like it!  Danny wanted a pair of White Ind T11 hubs with black-on-black decals and Rail 34mm rims.  This will be a great all-around wheelset.

John’s Rail 34 front wheel

John already has a pair of 52mm Rails from us and he wanted to increase the wheelset’s versatility for high wind or daily-training situations.  We laced up a 34mm Rail front rim to a DT Swiss 240s hub and matched the decals to his existing pair…this way he’s got the ability to swap wheels depending on the weather or his mood.

Steve’s Rail 34s with T11 hubs

This is one of two pairs of wheels we built for Steve this week – this pair is a brand-new pair of T11 hubs laced up to Rail 34 carbon clincher rims.

Steve’s Chris King hubs rebuilt onto SL23 rims

This is one of two pairs of wheels we built for Steve this week – he was having problems with the original rims which had been built into a pair of King R45 hubs.  After removing the spoke tension we cut out the old spokes and recycled the rims and spokes.  The hubs were in good condition and we laced them to a pair of SL23 rims using new Aerolite spokes and nipples.

Darren’s gold T11 hubs and DT 585 rims

Darren was having problems with his existing wheelset and send the hubs down for us to re-build onto some new rims.  Upon closer inspection the rear hub flange was cracked so a change of direction was required.  We suggested the White Ind T11 hubs which are well known for their remarkable durability.

The rims are DT Swiss 585s – not the world’s lightest rim but a very stiff, very durable rim with an excellent quality brake surface.

Silver spokes and nipples round out a classy wheelset.


Glen’s T11 hubs and SL23 rims

Glen was looking for a good quality pair of aluminium training wheels for his Venge.  The wide SL23 rim will allow Glen to run lower tyre pressure for better comfort and grip, and the super durable White Ind T11 hubs will give him years of maintenance-free riding.

Alistair’s Rail 34s with T11 hubs

Alistair had a pair of carbon clinchers which had given him nothing but problems and he was looking to upgrade to something better.  In comes the Rail.

We laced a pair of 34mm Rail rims to the excellent White Ind T11 hubs using DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.

We used custom white decals with a subtle orange “34” decal.

These are a great looking pair of wheels which will go the distance and perform fantastically.

Harvey’s Rail 52 rear wheel

Harvey already has a pair of 34mm Rails and likes them so much that he wanted to try a 52mm rear wheel for racing and events.

We laced up a green White Ind T11 hub with the 52mm rim to match his existing 34mm front wheel.

DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and aluminium nipples keep everything aero.


Jeff’s SL23s with White Ind T11 hubs

Jeff wanted a solid pair of training wheels to supplement his Enves.  We laced up a pair of Pacenti SL23 rims which will allow Jeff to run lower tyre pressure for better grip and comfort with bladed DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.  We used the excellent White Industries T11 hubs with a Campagnolo freehub body.

Tipping the scales at only 1441 grams these will be a fantastic pair of do-all wheels.

Dominic’s Rail 52s with White Ind T11 hubs

A friend of Dominic purchased a pair of Rails from us and was raving about them enough that Dom purchased a pair.

For this build we used a 24 hole front wheel and 28 hole rear – these extra spokes will add some lateral stiffness to the wheels.

The White Ind T11 hubs are a bombproof, high performance hubset and they’re really well suited for this type of wheelset.