Jim’s Kinlin tubular track wheelset

Jim wanted a light weight pair of all-silver tubular track wheels for his daughter.  He had a perfectly functional DuraAce rear hub so we supplied a light weight silver White Ind T11 front hub to match – this is a road hub which can be used on the track with a bolt-up skewer.

Kinlin tubular rims are light and well suited to U19 racing where no carbon is allowed.

DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes keep the weight and aerodynamic drag down.

Two red spokes and Celeste decals round out this awesome wheelset.

Mike’s Rail 34s with DT Swiss 240s hubs

Mike wanted a light weight pair of carbon clinchers for all-around road use.  We built up a pair of 34mm Rail rims and used the DT Swiss 240s hubs to keep the weight down without sacrificing durability.

Hannah van Kampen

I first met Hannah in early 2012 when I managed a team in the Women’s Tour of New Zealand tour, a UCI 2.1 event held in the Wairarapa.  Hannah van Kampen and her BFF Ashleigh Neave had come down from the Hawkes Bay and it was her first ever tour.  She was young and shy at the time but it was clear that she was going to turn into an incredible cyclist.

At this year’s running of the same event Hannah fought off a strong international field to take home the green Sprinters jersey – a seriously impressive result when you have a flick through the startlist.  Great work Hannah!

The other girls on that years team were:

Janine Copp – currently Living The Dream in Vancouver and spending as much time on a mountain bike or skis as her road bike

Amy Bradley – Based in Melbourne and still racing hard in Australia

Ashley Neave – Splits her time between NZ and the Netherlands where she races for a Dutch women’s team

Pip Sutton – An extremely talented road and track cyclist still lighting up rooms with her amazing attitude

Deane Bell – After breaking her back on the first stage of this tour (seriously) Deane made an incredible recovery and is back racing at a National level again

Rail 34mm rims with White Industries T11 hubs

Full black-on-black treatment for this Auckland-bound pair of Rails.


Enve 4.5

Details are starting to emerge about the new 4.5 rims which Enve are releasing.  We’ve already got these rims on order and expect to be building wheels early next month.  As with all our wheels we’ll be building these in-house with our lifetime guarantee on broken spokes, our usual high end selection of hubs, and with custom-coloured Enve decals available.

The 4.5s are slightly deeper and wider than the 3.4 and about 75 grams heavier.  They’ll fill the gap between the 3.4 and the deeper 6.7 really well.

rim profiles

From Enve:

An evolution of our patented SES rim shape makes the SES 4.5 a dream wheelset for theperformance driven road cyclist and triathlete.  The SES 4.5 features uncompromisedaerodynamics, stability, lateral stiffness, braking, and cornering prowess. The SES 4.5 isthe most stable rim in the SES line, making it the optimal choice for cyclists seekingconfidence inspiring aero performance on the windiest of days.
The SES 4.5 maintains all of the same foundational technologies of theSmart ENVE System wheel line which include in-frame aero development,asymmetrical rim geometries, and molded texture braking surfaces.

ENVE_IM_4.5_SES_LoRez_RimBedSide ENVE_IM_4.5_SES_LoRez_DTSwiss240_Clincher


Jesse’s King R45 hubs with custom PINK spokes

Jesse wanted a pair of do-all wheels based around the venerable Chris King R45 hubs.  We used the Pacenti SL23 rims and DT Swiss Competition spokes, plus a couple of custom pink spokes at each valve to match the pink decals.  Rapha will be calling him for an expose any minute….

Mike’s Campagnolo hub rebuild

It’s funny how we get a string of similar builds…after resurrecting a few nice old pairs of hubs Mike brought in his Campagnolo Chrous hubs (complete with ultra-stylie skewers and 9 speed cassette) to be rebuilt.  We used the DT Swiss 585 rims which are stiff and durable and will suit Mike’s use really well.

Silver DT Swiss Competition spokes hold everything together.


Stuart’s Chris King Classic rebuild

Here’s another pair of great hubs getting a new lease on life.  Stuart sent these well-used King Classic hubs which have been laced up a few different times and the rear hub was skipping.  Last year I spent a couple of days in Portland, USA with Chris King at their service center so I gave the rear hub a full clean and service and it’s running like a dream now.

Gavin laced the hubs up to a pair of SL23 rims using DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.

Tobias’ Enve 8.9 rear with T11 hub

We’ve built a few pairs of wheels for Tobias over the years.  This 8.9 rear wheel is destined for his timetrial bike but will no doubt find it’s way onto the road bike for those lunchtime rides :-)

Custom coloured Enve decals will certainly stand out.

Martins Rail34 DT 240s Wheelset

Rims: Rail34
Hubs: DT Swiss 240s
Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite
Decals: White, Red