Daniels Pacenti sl23 DT 240s wheelset

Rims: Pacenti SL23
Hubs: DT Swiss 240s
Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite
Decals: Fluoro red

Drews Enve 4.5 T11 wheelset

Our latest Enve shipment has arrived and we’re starting to build with the new 4.5 rims.  They’re a good-looking rimset with the molded Enve spoke nipple holes, and what appears to be a slightly revised brake-track.

For this pair we rebuilt Drew’s White Ind T11 hubs into the new 4.5 rims.

Rims: Enve4.5
Hubs: White Industries T11
Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite
Decals: Orange

Colin’s Enve 3.4s with White Ind T11s and red highlights

I love the look of the two red spokes and red highlight decals on the T11 hubs.  Colin’s going to love this all-around pair of light weight Enve clinchers.

John’s Rail 34s with T11 hubs

John wanted a pair of carbon wheels for his Pegoretti…I’ve got a huge admiration for handbuilt frames and I keep a list of the unique and aspiring frames that we’ve built wheels for but this is the first Pegoretti-bound wheelset for us.

The Olympic Blue decals will match the custom paint scheme perfectly.

And a Campagnolo freehub body, of course!

Crisp, Moots, Merlin, and Sachs are the only ones left on my list so if you’re the proud owner of one of these beautiful bikes and would like some new wheels please call :-)

Mark’s Rail 34s with White Ind T11 hubs

Mark wanted a light weight do-all pair of wheels with a good balance of aerodynamics and responsiveness.

We laced up the Rail 34mm rims to the excellent White Industries hubs.

The spokes are DT Swiss Aerolites and have our lifetime guarantee against broken spokes.

Joseph’s rebuilt PowerTap with Rail 34 rims

Joseph sent us his 20 hole PowerTap to be built into a new set of wheels.  We matched up a silver White Ind T11 front hub and laced the Rail 34 rims with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.

Glenn’s T11s and Pacenti SL23s

Black White Ind hubs and two red spokes look fantastic on this all-around wheelset for Glenn.

Garth’s Zipp 303 rebuilt with 11 speed hub

We replaced the Zipp rear hub with a White Industries T11.  This hub will allow 11 speed cassettes to be fitted and will also increase the stiffness of the rear wheel.

We used a polished silver hub and silver DT Swiss Aerolite spokes to match the front wheel

Peter’s Enve 3.4s with DT 240s hubs

I love the look of two white spokes and fluro yellow decals!