Closed for Easter / Anzac

We’re closing the workshop for two weeks for an Easter / Anzac break.  Gavin is heading to Rotorua for some mountain biking and I’m taking my road bike to Wanaka.

 The workshop will be closed until the 28th of April and we won’t be able to respond to emails or phonecalls during this time.
I’ll return your email by the 30th of April.  Thanks for your patience.

Geoff’s Enve 3.4s with White Industries T11 hubs

Geoff has a beautiful Independent Fabrication SSR made from stainless steel, and he wanted a pair of do-all carbon wheels for it.

Although currently running a 10 speed groupset he’ll be upgrading to 11 speed in the future so ensuring the rear hub could accept an 11 speed cassette was important.

We used the White Industries T11 hubs and laced them up with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes.

The 3.4 is a very versatile wheelset and with the good quality White Ind hubs and our lifetime broken spoke guarantee this should be a very durable wheelset.

Roy’s White Industries T11 hubs and SL23 rims

Roy is a self-described “90 kg ex trackie whose wife won’t let him race anymore” and he wanted a pair of stiff, durable training wheels.

Lateral stiffness is extremely important for powerful riders.  This seems obvious for the rear wheel where pedalling forces are often taken into account, but the front wheel also needs to be sufficiently stiff.  Some riders really muscle the front of the bike around when accelerating or cornering and these actions will highlight a lack of front-end stiffness.  If your bike feels lethargic or vague entering corners you might benefit from an increase in front wheel stiffness.

We used the wide-flanged White Industries T11 front hub and 24 Aerolite spokes and matched them to the stiff SL23 rim.

The rear wheel uses the same hub and rim and 32 spokes.

Black spokes and hubs plus two white spokes look fantastic.

These are winging their way to Toowoomba as I type.

Tadeas’s Flite 29er, pro2 Singlespeed wheelset

Tadeas had purchased a few pairs of wheels from us in the past for both his road and mountain bikes and all have been singlespeed or fixed gear!

This pair uses our Flite carbon 29er rim to cut down on weight.  The Hope Pro2 singlespeed hubs are awesome, especially with the updated 80-point engagement rear hub.

DT Swiss Aerolite bladed spokes in silver match the classic silver hubs and two red spokes (which black nipples) at the valve add a splash of colour.

Thanks for your continued business Tadeas – repeat orders are the biggest compliment we can be paid.

Luke’s Chris King R45 hubs and SL23 rims

Luke had a pretty clear idea of what he wanted – he’d seen a similar pair of wheels we’d built for Thang and wanted a pair for himself.  He was dead-set on the red Chris King R45 hubs and two white spokes and only needed a little help with what spoke type and spoke count would suit his weight and riding style.

Red spoke nipples match the red hubs.  This is a fantastic looking wheelset!

These wheels are off to Queensland as I type.  Thanks for your order Luke!

Aden’s Arch rims and Pro2 hubs

We never get tired of building wheels with red hubs – they always come out looking fantastic!

This pair of Arch rims is bound for a Giant Reign and will be getting a hard life.  Our lifetime broken spoke guarantee is up to the task!

Red Pro2 hubs will last a long, long time and will look great on the bike.

Thanks for your order Aden!

Kevin’s Pacenti SL23s with DT Swiss 240s hubs

Kevin had stopped past Wheelhaus in Sydney and had seen the wheels we built for co-owner Greg‘s Stoemper.  He called us up to commission a similar pair.

The SL23 is our go-to road rim and for good reason: stiff, light, wide, and a super smooth brake track.

DT Swiss Aeolite bladed spokes keep the weight down and two white spokes add a splash of colour to an otherwise stealth set.

DT Swiss 240s hubs are super low maintenance and low rolling resistance.

Matt’s Enve AM rims with Pro2 hubs

Judy’s red T11 hubs and SL23 rims

The SL23 rim is incredibly versatile: in the past we might have used a lighter rim for lighter riders like Judy but the stiffness and excellent ride quality of the SL23 mean that more and more often we choose it even for light riders.  At 440 grams they’re hardly heavy, and their 23mm width makes the overall wheel ride better than a narrower, slightly lighter rim.

For Judy we used red anodized White Ind T11 hubs.  The red is beautiful and also scientifically proven to be the fastest colour.

DT Aerolite spokes hold everything together: 20 at the front and 24 in the rear.

Thanks for your order Judy!

Danny’s ceramic King R45 hubs and Pacenti SL23 rims

This pair of ceramic-bearing Chris King R45 hubs is laced to the awesome Pacenti SL23 rim to provide a great all-around wheelset for Danny’s custom Icarus.

We used DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and as always these wheels have our lifetime guarantee against broken spokes.

Subtle black-on-black decals will look great on the bike.