Chris’ Rohloff rebuild

I built this Rohloff waaaay back in 2009 and it’s been carrying Chris to work and back ever since.  The rim’s brake track was finally worn out (but the rims was perfectly true!) so Chris sent it back for a new rim.

After a bit of work with the bolt-cutters (Gavin’s favourite part of the day) he laced it into the DT Swiss 585.

Alan’s Rail 52, T11 Wheelset

Andrew has been living in the UK for a few years but is returning to New Zealand this Christmas and wanted to celebrate by splashing out on a new wheelset.

Andrews T11 Rail 34 Wheelset

Andrew wanted a new pair of wheels for his Campagnolo Super Record equipped Pinarello.  The White Ind T11 is a top of the line hubset and the titanium Campag freehub body is a work of art.

The 34mm Rail rims will provide a good balance of light weight and aerodynamics.

Geoffrey’s Enve 3.4s with celeste and red

Geoffrey wanted to upgrade the wheels on his Bianchi and we settled on a pair of Enve 3.4 rims.  The red anodized White Industries hubs will matched the highlights on his bike, and to further personalize the wheels we added some Celeste decals and two red spokes.

Dougs DT 240s and Alfine 11 with Crest rims

Doug is building himself a new bike (as in, actually cutting and welding the tubes together) and he wanted a pair of nice wheels for it.

He’s building the bike around an Alfine 11 speed rear hub.  We matched this up with a DT Swiss 240s centerlock front hub to keep the weight down.

Stan’s Crest rims will accept a road or cyclocross tyre.

DT Swiss Aerolites keep things light and aero.

Tom’s Enve 3.4s with White Ind T11s

Brendan’s Track Wheelset

Brendan wanted a light weight pair of track wheels for his daughter but there isn’t much off-the-shelf.

We laced up a pair of Velocity Major Tom rims in high polished silver to some EZO track hubs.  The front wheel is 20 hole radial, the rear is 24 2-cross.  The rear hub is double-sided with track threads (rather than a freewheel) on both sides….very nice.

Polished DT Swiss Aerolites with two red spokes at each valve hold everything together.

1562g for a set of junior-legal track wheels is fantastic!

Nigel’s Rail 34 front wheel

Nigel already has a pair of 52mm Rails which he’s using as race / event wheels but they’re so good he wanted to ride them every day!  A 34mm front wheel will give Nigel a bit more flexibility – the shallower rim is lighter and better behaved in crosswinds so will allow Nigel to comfortably use these wheels for daily training and hilly races.

We used the same hub and spokes as his existing wheelset and of course matched the custom decals.


Howards Pacenti Sl23 and t11 wheelset

Waricks Enve6.7 T11 wheelset