Alvin’s SL23s with T11s

Alvin came to us after he was recommended by a satisfied customer of Wheelworks all the way from Singapore

He needed an aluminium wheelset for daily use and travel. Clincher, Bomb proof, wide rims reasonably light, won’t lighten wallet by too much so the T11 SL23 combo was perfect for him

Enjoy mate – JP






Robyn’s Makers

Most guys will hide there carbon purchases from there wives, But i prefer Bens tactic of just getting her set aswell, well played mate

sticking with the same stealth decals but with a added white spoke and blue nipple combo to match Robyns Cervelo R3, these wheels will be a great addition to there Bike Family

Enjoy – JP



Iains 50mm Makers

All the way from Northern Wales came this order, Iain Rides some Brutal and rough roads not to dissimilar to what we see in parts of Wellington and was looking for a carbon wheelset that would hold up to the day to day beatings, with the wide rim profile paired up with a set of 25mm tires run at lower pressures he will be getting all the comfort and traction needed. This colour combo will look amazing once Iain sends me a picture of them on his bike in the next few days, Hint Hint

Enjoy Mate – JP




Alex’s Stealth Makers

All the way from Nevada Alex came to us looking for a do all race level wheelset and the DT Swiss 240 hubs and Maker 35mm rims will fit the bill perfectly, if in doubt black on black..


Enjoy mate



Mikes DT Swiss 240 SL23s

Mikes DT Swiss 240 hubs and SL23 rims laced together with DTs Aerolite spokes, Building up into a really stiff yet super lightweight wheelset that comes with a lifetime guarantee against broken spokes


Enjoy Mike


Black Art of Wheelbuilding @ Rapha Sydney

Wow – that didn’t take long!  The Black Art of Wheelbuilding discussion for Thursday August 6th is now fully booked.

There are still seats available for Rapha Cycle Club members on Wednesday August 5th.  If you’re not already a member you can join the Cycle Club here:


Wheelworks - T11 hub in Gavins hands

Craig’s Maker 35mm

Anything with pink on it i will always have a soft spot for and these seriously cool Marker 35mm on blue White industry T11s are no exception


All the way to Texas they go, Enjoy Craig


Russell’s Maker 35mm

All The way From New York, Russell was looking for a all round lightweight Racing wheelset that could be run tubeless.  With Schwalbe just going all in 0n a race tubeless tyre this may be a sign of things to come. So yes our makers are tubeless compatible and Russell is one of many of our customers to be doing so. the Golf racing colours along with light yet durable DT Swiss 240 hubs means this hoops are all business


Enjoy Russell


Jesse’s Stans Crests With DT Swiss hubs

Working here at Wheelworks can often cause some serious wheel enve but today i didn’t have to box up a set and send them to Singapore, Wales, Australia or the USA they got to stay in house and better still are now on my bike. The first outing was on My 1 x 11 Focus CX bike at Wellingtons Wednesday World Champs, Now with all the so called Excuses about it “Not being Road race Spec’d” the last thing on that excuse list was my wheels. Being the Stans Crest 24.4mm wide rims with 32c tyres at 45 and 50PSI the Characteristics and benefits are not dissimilar to a MTB tyre where running width and pressure capable of soaking up the rough roads at 50kmph not only allows more power to the ground but tipping her over though an S bend going full gas is nothing but confidence inspiring, I realise this is a bridge to far for the guys who are just coming round to the idea that 23c and 120psi is not the fastest way to get around but the principle is still the same. I cant wait to set them up tubeless with my 35c CX rubber and see them really in there element at the next round of Huttcross

So Wide and low is here to stay

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that i have broken everything i own at some point including every single set of wheels ive owned, when i mentioned trying to build a Cyclocross wheel set that is lighter than Tubular 404 Zipps The two tall guys behind me didn’t even bat an eyelid, the fastidious build process that Gavin goes through for every wheel build seems to be almost more ritual than routine and mitigating any issue is his end game. which is why we offer a life time guarantee against broken spokes, a claim that gives me 100% confidence in our product and one i look forward to putting to the test

Fizzing – JP




Louis’ Enve 4.5 tubulars with White Ind T11 hubs

Louis wanted a pair of tubular wheels for a new lightweight Cervelo R3.  We used the Enve 4.5 tubular rims and matched them up to a pair of White Industries T11 hubs.

We matched the Cervelo blue on the Wheelworks logos and hub bands.

Louis is a much better photographer than Gavin or myself so hopefully he’ll supply some photos of the bike once it’s all finished.