Rowan’s Rail 52s

Rowan wanted a pair of carbon clincher for racing around Sydney. We chose the 52mm over the 34mm as Rowan has a habit of getting into the early breakaway :-)

Subtle black-on-black Rail logos and a White Wheelworks and two white spokes as per Rowan’s request.

Jim’s SL23s with T11 hubs

Jim is an existing Wheelworks customer and he wanted to upgrade his ‘commuter’ wheels to something lighter and higher performance but without giving up any durability.

The White Ind T11 hubs are the same as what is on his other wheelset from us so it made sense to stick with them.

Pacenti SL23 rims and DT Swiss Aerolite spokes build up into a light weight, very comfortable, and high performance package.

Our lifetime guarantee means these wheels will see daily use for many years to come.

Daniel’s pink Chris King hubs and SL23 rims

Daniel already has a pair of carbon wheels from us and wanted to add a pair of aluminium’s to his collection.  Pink King R45 hubs look and sound fantastic!

We use the Pacenti SL23 which is our go-to aluminium rim as it’s got a great balance of attributes and can be used for a wide range of uses.

DT Swiss Aerolites and our lifetime guarantee round out this fantastic wheelset.

Hayden’s SL23s and T11 hubs

Hayden has a pair of Enve’s which we built for him but he wanted a good-value aluminium wheelset for the upcoming Auckland winter.

Pacenti SL23 rims are a similar width to his Enves and will allow him to continue using lower tyre pressures.

T11 hubs are the same as his Enves so no need to re-tune the gears.

DT Swiss Aerolite spokes keep everything light and tight.

Loek’s DT Swiss 240s hubs and SL23 rims

Loek wanted a pair of new road wheels for his much-loved Specialized Roubaix.  To make the most of the Specialized’s tyre clearance and handling we used the SL23 rim which will allow Loek to run low tyre pressures for great comfort and performance.

DT Swiss 240s hubs mean Loek can spend his weekends riding the bike rather than working on it.

DT Swiss Aerolites have our lifetime guarantee.

Andrews T11s and Sl23s

Andrew wanted a pair of aluminium wheels for endurance riding and events.  He has participated in RAAM (Race Across America) and has another couple of long distance events in his sights so wanted a durable pair of comfortable wheels to compliment his Baum.

We used the super durable White Ind T11 hubs and Pacenti SL23 rims.  We ’rounded up’ the spoke count to 24/32 to help with any damage resulting from travelling with the bike – we’d be confident with a lower spoke count for their use but this type of adventure riding places a lot of duress on the bikes.

Claudia’s Under-19 wheels with T11 hubs and SL23 rims

Claudia needed a pair of light weight wheels with no carbon to comply with the NZ Under-19 rules.  In days gone past we used the Stan’s Alpha 340 rim for these types of light-weight builds with very light riders, however the Stan’s rim has gotten heavier and heavier over time and now approaches the weight of the SL23.  The SL23 is also wider which allows a lower tyre pressure – great for young, aggressive racers who push hard in the corners.

T11 hubs aren’t the lightest hubs in the world but they’re maintenance-free meaning Dad will have more spare time on the weekends.

DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and aluminium nipples hold everything together.

Rowan’s Enve 4.5s with PowerTap G3 hubs

The Enve 4.5 is shaping up to be a great all-around wheelset, especially for guys like Rowan who will use them for timetrials and Ironman events.

PowerTap G3 hubs will help Rowan with his training and race pacing.

DT Swiss Aerolites and our lifetime guarantee against broken spokes will keep the wheels rolling for many years to come.

Dale’s Rail 52s with White Ind T11 hubs

Dale wanted a pair of wheels for racing and events.  The 52mm Rail rims will suit the bill perfectly as they’re light and aero.

We used the White Ind T11 hubs – easily our favorite hubset because of their great durability and performance.

DT Swiss Aerolite spokes with two white spokes at each valve hold everything together.

Paul’s Rail 34 disc wheelset

This Bianchi-bound disc wheelset uses DT Swiss 350s hubs and Rail 34mm disc rims.

DT Swiss Aerolite spokes hold everything together with our lifetime guarantee against broken spokes.