Bex’s Rail 34, T11 wheelset for her Amira.

Local legend Bex has been waiting for some time – 4 weeks, for her new 2015 Specialized Amira SL4 Expert to turn up in the country and in the mean time we had been working on getting the wheelset upgrade sorted for when the bike showed up.

We went for the November Rail 34 full carbon rims to keep the weight down and make this wheelset good for everyday use no matter what the conditions are. White Industries T11 hubs being the best weight, performance, reliability to cost ratio with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes and alloy spoke nipples. Keeping the colours to black and white with a little bit of gray to tie in with the Shimano Ultegra groupset. White spokes at the valve.

Watch out…. First ride with very low sleep (due to the excitement) before work got her a few PB’s and a Queen of the mountain on Strava, very pleased.

Aaron’s DT Swiss 585 and T11 rear wheel

With 8 laps of Taupo quickly approaching Aaron’s existing rear wheel disintegrated leaving him in the lurch.  We built up this sturdy DT Swiss 585 rim with a White Industries T11 hub – while not being the lightest wheel in the world this wheel still weighs less than most mid-level “factory” wheelsets, and will be a huge improvement over what he was riding.

James’ Rail 34s with polished T11 hubs

While we admit his hair is as amazing as Ron Burgundy’s, James is better known for having the legal competency of Dennis Denuto and the bike riding talent of a post-transfusion era Andy Schleck. So when he realised he could simply buy a performance gain, rather than training harder or smarter, James immediately green-lit this set of carbon Rail 34’s. The components selected are with two bikes in mind. Not only will they make his unjustifiably expensive racing bike (that he rarely actually uses) better to train on, they will also transform a future-planned Olympic Master retro build, that he’s yet to figure out how to disguise among his household budget, but which he assures everyone “will definitely happen this year”. We hope he enjoys them as much as he enjoys imagining how cool he looks when he’s using them.

(James is a close friend so I’m allowed to write this sort of rubbish about him)

Bevan’s red T11 hubs and Rail 52 rims

Bevan wanted a pair of fast, aero wheels for his Cervelo S5.  Science has repeatedly proven that red is the fastest colour so red hubs were an obvious choice.  We used the Rail 52 rim front and rear and laced them up with Aerolite spokes.

Children’s Encyclopaedia on Magnetism

And now for something a little different: We were approached by the publishers of Usborne Science Encyclopedia to use a photo of a Son dynamo wheelset we’d built for their layout on magnetism and it’s various uses.  This issue of the encyclopaedia will be published early next year but here’s a sneak-peak in case you can’t wait ;-)

234-235 UKUS magnetism2

Danny’s Rail 34s with T11 hubs

I think this is the first time we’ve done two different coloured spokes at the valve and I really like it!  Danny wanted a pair of White Ind T11 hubs with black-on-black decals and Rail 34mm rims.  This will be a great all-around wheelset.