Howards SL23s with T11 hubs

Nicks Pacenti SL23s with T11 hubs

Murray’s Enve 3.4s with ceramic King hubs

Peter’s White Ind T11 hubs and DT Swiss 585 rims

Jim’s SL23s with silver hubs and spokes


14110 Flite Banner 1.1
The business of selling wheels to mountain bikers and roadies is very different – each type of customer requires different information and has different needs.  Over the past few months it was becoming pretty clear that we needed to improve the way we approach mountain bike wheels, so was born.

Flite should make things better for both roadies and mountain bikers.  It means the Wheelworks website won’t feature mountain bike builds and will focus on our road range, and it means the Flite website won’t be cluttered with roadie builds and will have more mountain bike-specific information.   We have a huge range of hubs, rims, and spokes and it’s often hard to present this information cleanly and usefully on the website.  Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see some improvements to both websites as to how this information is laid out to make it easier to search, find, and use.

The business of building wheels to mountain bikers and roadies is, essentially, the same between the two.  The same amount of attention, care, and skill goes into each wheel build.  Our back-end systems for calculating spoke length, applying decals, and keeping track of components is the same.  It’s the same people answering the phones and replying to emails, and the same amount of pride that goes into each wheelset.

If you have any questions about Flitewheels or any of the products we sell please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Jaysons Rails with red T11 hubs

Dominic’s Rail 34 with T11 hubs

Alex’s White Ind track hubs and Rail rims